'I like to give a real and honest first-person insight into what my disabled experience is, through entertaining little musings and story-telling.'

A white women with a pink mullet is on stage holding a microphone stand in her left hand and a microphone in her right. She is wearing a silver and red sequin top that says ‘I’m Not Sorry’ with yellow checked pants.

Alexandra Hudson made her comedy debut in July 2020. Just shy of rounding out her first year of comedy Alexandra is edging close to one hundred spots. She has also become very well acquainted with Pacific Highway. Based in East Ballina, Alexandra made her debut at Neurological Misfires in Lismore and Comedy Commune in Lennox Head.

2021 has seen Alexandra regularly performing in venues across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers. Alexandra had a successful two show run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Neurological Misfires.

Alexandra delightfully staggers and stumbles through life's experiences, and in doing so stumbled onto a comedy stage.

Alexandra shares entertaining little musings about her experiences as a disabled woman and her observations about the mostly foreign non-disabled world she lives in. She seems to think she has more in common with her 94 year old grandma than her early thirties peers.

From Alexandra’s perspective she often finds it is the non-disabled who are the oddities, and she takes joy in tipping things on their head. The non-disabled give her much to ponder in her daily life and are great comedic fodder.

Alexandra took out first place in Seven Mile Brewing Co's The Happiest Hour Open Mic Comedy Comp October, 2020 and Hot Mess improv competition, June 2021.